An Atheists Unofficial
Guide to AA

An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA

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Secular AA

Secular AA by Vince Hawkins

If An Atheists Guide is Vince’s classic best seller, then Secular AA is the final brick in his addiction collection. It offers members the opportunity to build their own, individual program. Steps and spirituality will not even be mandatory, let alone religion. Take what you want and leave the rest!

An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA

Do you want to stop drinking ?

This site, An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA (Alcoholics 12 Steps), is for atheist and agnostic newcomers to, and followers of, the AA 12 step program who want to give up problem drinking, but who are put off by the god stuff in the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve steps. Want to know if you are alcoholic? Check out ‘What is an alcoholic?’ On the 12 Steps page you can see a secular version of the twelve steps and the Books page shows you how to buy the books. These links include Vince’s latest offer, Secular AA.

Vince Hawkins is the author
of both An Atheists Unofficial Guide to AA and Secular AA. One version is for new steppers and one for oldtimers and other members keen to construct their own individual programs.

Vince attends AA and is hopeful that when other problem drinkers eventually hit their rock bottoms and become desperate they will find help, too.

There is plenty of it out there, but the trick is in finding the right program to suit the alcoholic. It should take into account the individual’s beliefs and value system. Does a rehab center or program have a religious twist or are its meetings all-embracing?

Another  nonfiction addiction book by Vince is a self-improvement book for addicts of any kind or bad behavors – An Atheists 12 Steps to Self-improvement (To accompany any program).

Then there is his blue book Everyone’s an Addict, a daily reader which is much more than just 366 daily inspirational entries; it gives detailed practical tips on how to tackle addictions from a secular viewpoint. It complements any/each of the three handbooks. He has also branched out with a fiction novel – Trader Bob.

Vince Hawkins

Are you a hung over alcoholic who needs help but are non-religious?

One of these special guides to AA may be for you.

“At last, something for AA members or supporters without the ‘God stuff’!”
Robyn K
“Vince Hawkins solved my problems for me with his clear, rational approach of just how to make the program work. It really is genius.”
“At last – someone who knows what they are talking about!”
“Ideal for newcomers to AA put off by the god stuff”
Jolly Roger